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The Hidden Dangers to Your Skin

By NutriBio on Tuesday, 08/02/2022

Have you ever got mysterious itches after showering? This is usually caused by a common cleaning agent known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which is found in a variety of cleaning products from floor cleaners to shower gels. It is responsible for foam production in your cleaning products, widely used for its powerful cleansing abilities. However, using shower gels with SLS is akin to brushing your skin with steel wool, because SLS is irritative to the eyes and skin. It also aggravates the conditions of people with eczema or sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin often face difficulties in avoiding cleaning products and methods that not only don't work but may even make their conditions worse. In fact, did you know that hot showers can cause sensitive skin to itch and dry up? When something as common as a hot shower can be a discomfort to your skin, it truly feels like the world is against you!

NutriBio's All-In-One Cleansing Oil gives you a complete beauty routine in just one bottle. Free from SLS and bursting with nutrients from 8 beneficial natural oils, this cleansing oil reawakens your skin microbiome and deeply moisturises your skin to revitalise your skin barrier, giving you the confidence to face a new day!